Want to Lose Weight Naturally? Here’s What Ayurveda Experts Suggest

Want to Lose Weight Naturally? Here’s What Ayurveda Experts Suggest

Want to Lose Weight Naturally? Here’s What Ayurveda Experts Suggest

So, are you one of those individuals who set a goal to lose 3-5 kgs in a month?

And for that, you made a promise to yourself to avoid junk food, overeating, and switch to healthier options.

It worked for a few days but eventually, you found yourself trapped in an endless cycle of weight gain. 

Interestingly, this is a common struggle for many people attempting to lose weight. It seems like everyone has advice to offer, acting as a self-proclaimed philosopher even without a solid foundation of knowledge.

This blog will provide you with some valuable and effective tips to naturally lose weight. These recommendations have been suggested by our knowledgeable and experienced Ayurvedic doctors. 

So these are 6 tips to cut down your extra pound and get rid of obesity.

Ayurveda suggests tiny changes to our daily routines can be the key to losing excess weight. We often set lofty weight loss goals and overlook the potential impact of minor adjustments. 

Indeed, small changes can lead to significant impacts, so let’s take a closer look at those minor adjustments, which we can consider as stepping stones towards achieving a healthy and fit body!

  1. Keep ⅓ of your stomach empty

Eating beyond your hunger levels and or until you feel completely full may impact digestion negatively and become the reason for slow metabolism in the body. It often leads to discomfort and lethargy after a meal. On the contrary, if you eat less than what satisfies your hunger the remaining space in your stomach aids in efficient digestion. This promotes better metabolism and facilitates the easier digestion of food, ultimately assisting in weight loss and cutting belly fat.

  1. Dinner before 2-3 hours before sleep 

Our bodies are incredible tools that enable us to perform numerous tasks throughout the day. We should be grateful to our bodies and the higher power for granting us this beautiful vessel to enjoy life. However, just like a car needs regular servicing, our bodies also require care and attention.

In order to provide our bodies with the necessary time for healing and optimal functioning, it is important to allow enough time for rest. Sleep serves as a crucial period for healing and rejuvenation.

Eating late at night can interrupt this healing process and interfere with the body's natural detoxification. Therefore, it is advised to have dinner at least 2-3 hours before sleeping, allowing the body ample time for digestion before bedtime.

Digesting food at night places extra pressure on our digestive system and slows down the body’s metabolism. Instead of focusing on healing and rejuvenation during sleep, our bodies become occupied with digesting food consumed late in the evening, such as at 10 PM or 11 PM. Consequently, the natural detoxification process is postponed.

If you sleep at 10 PM, it is advisable to have your dinner around 7 or 8 PM. This allows your body sufficient time to heal and detoxify, leading to improved metabolism and ultimately supporting weight loss.

In Indian culture, we often indulge in having the heaviest meal of the day during dinner. However, we may not realize that this practice is not as healthy as it may taste. Heavy meals at night can result in poor digestion, potentially leading to the assimiliati0on of toxins in the body. Therefore, making dinner the lightest meal of the day is crucial to prevent toxin assimilation and unhealthy weight gain.

  1. Drink Warm Water Regularly

Water is an essential and leading element of our bodies so its importance is highlighted everywhere when it comes to health. 

Warm water provides warmth to our digestive system and makes it stronger which results in better food digestion and increased metabolism and ultimately better metabolism means more calorie burns that lead to weight loss. 

Warm water also suppresses your hunger and makes you feel full so you don’t feel like eating every hour.

So, have one glass of warm water in the morning and 1 or 2 more throughout the day.

  1. Have 7-8 Hour Sleep

Sleep is very important for maintaining our overall health, good sleep also balances our hormones, and balanced hormones are very essential for regulating metabolism and controlling excess hunger. By prioritizing good sleep, we can promote hormone balance, resulting in a decreased appetite and a healthier metabolism. This, in turn, aids in burning extra calories in the body. 

To prevent unhealthy weight gain and promote overall well-being, it is important not to compromise on your sleep. Strive to have 7-8 hours of peaceful and restful sleep in a cool room.

  1. Practice Regular Yoga and Exercise 

Yoga is the sister of Ayurveda so, how can we forget talking about it and the health benefits it has shown in the last decade. Yoga is a proper body stretcher that makes your body healthy energetic and fit! We have some particular Yoga poses that can help to kick out excess weight from the body naturally and also improve your cardiovascular health. Yoga poses like- Downward dog pose, Shoulder stand pose, Bridge pose, twisted chair pose, Bow pose, and Sun salutation pose can help you to lose weight and improve flexibility in the body, this can be the one of the best asansas. Additionally, Brisk walking and swimming can also help you to lose weight.

         6. Drink Your Food ( Chew 32 Times)

We understand that it may seem tedious and challenging, but this habit holds many health benefits, including weight loss and better digestion. Make a conscious effort to chew your food until it reaches a very soft consistency. By doing so, your food mixes with saliva, aiding in the initial digestion process. Surprisingly, around 50% of digestion takes place in the mouth itself when you chew your food well. 

There is a saying, "Drink your food and chew your water," highlighting the importance of mindful eating. This approach promotes better digestion and can contribute to consuming less food overall, ultimately supporting a fit and healthy body.


These tips offer significant benefits for your weight loss journey. Although they may seem challenging at first, once you incorporate these habits into your daily routine, you will likely observe drastic changes in your body weight. 

Take the initiative to begin with one habit today, and embrace a more refined and healthier body. By adopting these practices, you can potentially expedite your weight loss journey. 

Seeking professional guidance and Ayurvedic medicine tailored to your specific needs? Look no further! Our team of experienced Ayurveda doctors is ready to assist you. Book appointment to connect with our experts and embark on your journey toward a fit and healthy body. Take charge of your well-being now!

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