Colon Eaze | relieves gut discomfort | relief from diarrhea and IBS | 60 capsules

Relief from IBS, bowel irregularities, diarrhea & gut discomfort
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Colon Eaze | relieves gut discomfort | relief from diarrhea and IBS (Rs. 626.00)
Provides IBS relief & digestive harmony
  • Manages IBS and its related symptoms, like stress, promoting a sense of ease and comfort
  • Regulates bowel movement
  • Relief from irregularities such as constipation and diarrhea
  • Improves appetite and boosts digestion
  • Maintains gut flora, and reduces bloating and colicky pain
  • Effective in diarrhoea
  • Support optimal digestive health
Ayurveda for optimum comfort and balance
  • Musta: Promotes digestive fire, boosts metabolism, and manages IBS symptoms
  • Guduchi: A well-known herb known to improve digestion and promote overall wellness
  • Ativisha: Consists of anti-diarrheal, anti-microbial, and digestive properties that promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • Tagara: Widely known for its anti-stress, appetizing, carminative, and antispasmodic properties
  • Ginger: Helps in improving digestion, bloating, colic pain, and acidity
Why do doctors recommend COLON-EAZE?
  • Organic Ayurveda preparation
  • Natural IBS cures
  • Regulates bowel movements.
  • Enriched with digestion-restoring herbs
  • Tested for safety, purity, and potency
  • India Organic, SGS-Certified Organic
Who should take it?
  • Those experiencing IBS.
  • People with occasional constipation or diarrhea.
Dosage and duration

1-2 capsules twice daily before food with buttermilk or as directed by a physician

About the formulation

In Ayurveda, Irritable bowel disease is described as Grahani caused due to impairment in the functioning of Agni. Colon Ease is a potent Chaturbadra - made with a blend of 4 essential herbs: Shunti, Musta, Ativisha, and Guduchi. These herbs work in synergy to potentially improve agni (digestive fire), which restores overall gut health and well-being.

Why Purely Yours?
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Health outcomes: Ayurvedic solutions delivered thoughtfully
  • Bespoke Real Assistance: Consultation provided by Ayurvedic health experts


What is IBS?
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder that refers to a group of symptoms that affect the abdomen, including abdominal cramping or pain, bloating, gas, and altered bowel movement patterns.
Will these capsules reduce the frequency of passing stools?
Yes, Colon Eaze capsules may help regularize the frequency of stools. The reason for the development of IBS is impaired digestive fire, which aggravates during stressful events. This capsule is filled with the extracts of herbs that may improve digestive capacity through their deepana and pachana actions, thereby potentially restoring normalcy to passing stools.
Will it help relieve pain and bloating?
Yes, these capsules may help in relieving both complaints. It possesses antispasmodic qualities and also acts as Vatanulomaka (facilitating the downward movement of Vata), which may help restore overall gut health.
Are there any side effects of Colon Eaze capsules?
Colon Eaze Capsules are 100% natural, made with certified organic herbs that are typically considered safe when used as directed. However, it is always a good idea to consult with an Ayurveda doctor before taking any new dietary supplement, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications.