Pollution Defence pack

Protects Skin from Pollution | Boosts Detoxification | Flushes Out Toxins
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1 Month Pack Includes -

1x Luminance
1x Organic Puritea Brew
1x Eladi Purifying Face Serum


Skin Illuminating and Glow-Reviving Capsules

  • Protects the skin from damage caused by pollution
  • Reduce skin damage caused by UV rays
  • Hydrates and detoxifies skin
  • Consists of skin brightening, anti-fungal properties

Organic Puritea Brew

Daily Detox Herbal Tea

  • Boosts internal detoxification process
  • Fluxes out toxins/ pollutants
  • Improves the microbial environment in the gut

    Eladi Purifying Face Serum

    Anti-Acne and Skin Purifying Ayurvedic Face Serum

    • Cleanses and detoxifies the skin
    • Offers an effective solution for damage caused by pollution
    • Regulates excess oil to promote balance
    • Reduce pigmentation and dark spots for an even skin tone
    • Amplifies the skin’s innate radiance
    Pollution Defence pack (Rs. 2,090.00)