Reflux Eaze | acid reflux treatment | relief from heartburn & indigestion | 60 Capsules

Helps manage acid reflux, relieves hyper acidity, heartburn & indigestion
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Reflux Eaze (Rs. 689.00)
Ayurveda for Hyperacidity
  • Helps manage Hyperacidity.
  • Relieves heartburn in 15-20 minutes.
  • Soothes pain due to gastric ulcers.
  • Nurtures Gut Wellness
  • Enhances digestive power and metabolism
  • Calm down your system, treat the H. pylori infection, and neutralize excess acid.
  • Promoting a healthy gut, improving digestion, and boosting metabolism
  • Helps manage gastric and duodenal ulcers.
Fortified with acid-neutralizing herbs extracts
  • Pravala Pisti- A popular Ayurvedic medicine that works best on acid regulation and treating gut infections.
  • Akika Pisti- Works amazingly on your stomach and counters stomach acidity.
  • Jahar Mohra Pisti: Jahar Mohara has anti-toxic properties that may help to relieve symptoms like indigestion, vomiting, etc.
  • Mukta Pisti- An ayurvedic formulation made with pearl, this is known for its effect of improving appetite and promoting better absorption of nutrients in the body.
  • Organic Guduchi stem extracts: An antioxidant that is traditionally known to nourish the tissues and help with chronic indigestion.
Why do doctors recommend Reflux Eaze?
  • Organic Ayurveda preparation
  • Provides improved gastrointestinal comfort without harsh chemicals.
  • Tested for Safety, Purity, and Potency
  • India Organic, SGS-Certified Organic
Who should take it?

If you experience:

  • Frequent heartburn or acid reflux
  • Digestive discomfort after meals.
  • Acidic taste in your mouth.
  • Occasional indigestion.
Dosage and duration

Take one capsule twice daily, 10 minutes before lunch and dinner, with water

About the formulation

These capsules are a blend of natural herbomineral ingredients known for their potent digestive and acid-neutralizing properties. This formulation cools your stomach, neutralizes excess acid, promotes a healthy gut, and improves digestion while boosting metabolism as well. With a commitment to purity and quality, our Ayurvedic experts have carefully selected and blended these ingredients to bring balance to your digestive system, providing you with relief from acid reflux and promoting overall digestive health.

Why Purely Yours?
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Health outcomes: Ayurvedic solutions delivered thoughtfully
  • Bespoke Real Assistance: Consultation provided by Ayurvedic health experts


Are Reflux Eaze capsules a probiotic supplement?
Reflux-size capsules aren't probiotics, their natural ingredients do contain vital natural minerals that are credited with supporting healthy gut flora.
Does the Reflux Eaze capsule raise body heat?
No, it doesn't increase your body heat; instead, it contains substances that calm your digestive system and safeguard the gastric mucosa.
What if I discontinue the medication after finishing the advised course?
If you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, the advantages, including increased hunger, decreased gastric irritation, and a healthy bowel, will continue even after discontinuation.
Is this suitable for kids?
No, it is only advised for those who are at least 21 years old.
Can I take this along with my other prescription drugs?
Although it can be taken after a 30-minute break, we would suggest you consult your doctor for more detailed guidance.
Are Reflux Eaze capsules safe to use?
Yes, all the obtained semi-precious gemstones undergo several thorough purificatory methods called β€œshodhana”, "Bhavana" (impregnation), "distillation," etc., and have passed the quality tests and been approved as safe for consumption.
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